Culture and Globalization

Wednesday, October 31

What does the term “prison-industrial complex” describe? How is it a useful concept, or not? What has driven the expansion of prisons and imprisoned populations over the past few decades? What are the relationships between prison growth, crime, and safety? What role does economics play, and how does the concept of globalization help us understand this role?

Required Readings

Eric Schlosser, “The Prison-Industrial Complex”

Ruth Wilson Gilmore, “Globalisation and U.S. Prison Growth: From Military Keynesianism to Post-Keynesian Militarism”

Laura Sullivan, “Prison Economics Help Drive Arizona Immigration Law”

Nina Bernstein, “Companies Use Immigration Crackdown to Turn a Profit”

 Click here for the Week 9 discussion prompt.

Supplemental Resources 

Knotted Line – interactive site

Aaron Kupchik and Torin Monahan, “The New American School: preparation for post-industrial discipline”

Class Slides

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