Culture and Globalization

Replies to our weekly discussion prompts are due by 1pm the day of class. Your comments on at least two of your classmates’ replies are due by 1pm the Friday after class. All responses are graded credit/no credit. You must respond to 9 out of the 10 prompts that will be posted, you get one freebie.

What Makes for a Successful Response?

The discussion prompts offer space for you to reflect on readings, discussions, and other course materials on your own. They are an opportunity for you to experiment with using new ideas and to test out your critical, interpretative thinking skills. Finally, these discussions will function to extend classroom conversation, and so they are also an opportunity for you to learn from and with your peers.

Responses must be at least 300 words. You might want to write them in Word and cut and paste, so you can do a word count, at least until you get comfortable with the proper length. Beyond meeting the minimum word count requirement, a successful response will:

  • Respond fully to the prompt or question
  • Demonstrate your comprehension of the material
  • Demonstrate your ability to connect specific readings/topics to broader themes of the course
  • Showcase your creativity, intellect, humor and thoughtfulness
  • Evidence command of the rules of punctuation, grammar, and spelling

Any further specific requirements will be included in the prompt.